Have you noticed that cane furniture is having a moment? Wicker, cane, rattan and bamboo furniture has been around since ancient Egyptian civilisations, had a whopper of a resurgence in the 60’s and 70’s and now it’s burst onto the scene again in a major way. We started to see the trend appear as the high-backed Peacock chair landed right back in vogue again a couple of years ago. We saw vintage Peacock chairs pop-up in bohemian-inspired photoshoots and as bride and groom top-table chairs but they never took our fancy and hence they didn’t appear in our collections.

As we started to explore the trend more, trying our best not to conjure up  images of three-piece conservatory sets, we realised that having some cane furniture in our collection would be no bad thing. Our collection is very much about mending and reusing existing furniture and most of our collection consists of antique, reclaimed or vintage pieces. As many people are becoming more conscious of our environment and the effect that we have on it, we began seeking more natural organic designs and rattan, wicker and bamboo are natural materials, which are all biodegradable which helps the environment in the long run.

In 2017 we introduced our Fredah cane armchairs and two-seater sofas. Handcrafted, these beautiful products are comfortable and elegant and paired with our cushions and throws they bring natural style to party lounge areas. Their popularity exploded in 2019 and so we introduced more of the same items and added in our Aubrey cane side tables, these are perfect lamp tables, sofa side tables and we used them as bedside tables at a high end glamping site at Glastonbury Festival earlier this year.

Sourcing good original furniture items is a challenge and a joy. When we were lucky enough to scout out some original bamboo sofas they were miles away, so we bought them without viewing them. Our Alora sofas arrived with some tired and rather ugly old seat cushions on them, but luckily the sofas themselves were in great condition. We had some thick new cushions made and covered them in navy linen and now this gorgeous pair of sofas are a great addition to our growing collection.

Next came our original 1960’s bamboo bar and bar stools. These very cool original vintage items have proved popular for Tiki bars, reception desks and welcome drinks bars. Get your Aloha shirt on, mix-up some cocktails, channel your inner Polynesian and book these for your next tropical event!

Whilst we ponder on original items we have introduced an absolutely stunning early 20th century elm and bamboo daybed from Hunan province, and in the words of the antique dealer we bought this from ‘a must have item of furniture from the last decadent, opium smoking haze of Chinese history’.  Now named the Lei Daybed and dressed with a simple striped cushion this is a truly gorgeous addition to our growing bamboo collection. 

Our newest additions this year are two modern bamboo L-Shaped sofas. Having enjoyed a break in the mountains in Mallorca, we came back and these handmade sofas had just arrived and so we called them ‘Soller’. Simple and easy-going with white cushions, they are easy to integrate into many event styles.

Ahead of the 2020 event season we have been discussing a new dining chair style. We know that outdoor weddings and parties are a growing trend, picturesque outdoor settings can provide the perfect back-drop, breaking away from formal interiors the casual-ness of an outdoor event is alluring and braving the English climate can bring a bit of fun to the party.

But, its sustainability, an area we are all trying to embrace in many aspects of our lives that has driven our chair choice for the season ahead. So not only to follow a trend but to stay conscious of being as environmentally friendly as can be we have chosen a bamboo folding chairs for 2020.

Bamboo is a sustainable and quickly renewable resource that can be harvested year after year without the need for fertiliser or pesticides. Our new chairs are versatile, they pair well with rustic tables and look smart with white seat cushions and crisp white table cloths. We are very excited for their arrival and are taking bookings for them for Spring 2020 onwards.