How to Style Cushions Like a Pro

When we are helping clients to build their perfect lounge packages, once all the major furniture items have been chosen, one of the last details we discuss are cushions. How many? What colours? What shapes? Perfectly placed cushions will not only make your lounge area look great, but they will also make it more inviting, encouraging your guests to stop and take the weight of their feet.

Here are our top 6 tips to style cushions like a pro

One: Know Your Aesthetic
Before you start styling, take a minute to consider the aesthetic style your venue space already has. If you’ve got a maximalist look with lots of art and decor, your lounge area will be able to carry bold colour choices without looking unbalanced. If you’re working with a neutral space, such a white marquee, or a venue with softer modern country feel you can embrace earthy tones like soft neutrals, gentle greens and pale blues. Remember that every element, from colour palette to texture choices, contributes to the overall harmony of the space you are creating.

How to Style Cushions Like a Pro
How to Style Cushions Like a Pro

Two: Decide on Your Colour Scheme

When it comes to choosing cushions for your lounge area, consider your colour palette. Pulling in colours from other décor elements, such as candles, florals, the backdrop of the venue, will help create a cohesive look. Keep in mind is that cushions do not have to match, they just have to work well with each other while offering visual interest.

How to Style Cushions Like a Pro

Three: Create Contrast

When mixing patterns or textures use a rule of three. Opt for one plain, one full pattern, one simple pattern or texture. The plain cushion will anchor it all together and offer a backdrop to pattern. A full pattern features an all over pattern, whereas a simple pattern could be a small stripe and a texture is just that! Playing around with textures is particularly important if you’re keeping within a strict colour scheme, in order to break up the monotony. You can add texture even to plain cushions by choosing ones with tassels.

Four: Different Shape Arrangement.

As a general rule, start with the large cushions at the back, layer in the smaller cushions and finish with the lumbar cushions. While there are no set rules to how many cushions you should have, the following will help guide you. For an armchair, a lumbar cushion is simple and usually enough or use 1-2 cushions. For a two-seater sofa, 2-3 cushions. For a three seater sofa, 3-5 cushions. If you have a light sofa, start with the darkest colour at the back and work forward (and the opposite if you have a dark sofa).

How to Style Cushions Like a Pro

Five: Keep the season in mind
Following nature’s timetable when considering your cushion options. In the winter you can include heavier with my fabrics and textures, think rich velvets and knits and darker colour choices. Warmer months brings more pastels and floral patterns and of course, lovely light linens.

Six: Are cushions necessary at all?
Some would say cushions are a frivolous and an unnecessary extra, not serving any purpose other than looking pretty and making a space feel cosy. But I disagree! On sofas and armchairs, they add comfort but they are a great and affordable way to add in colour and are an excellent way to complement your event space.

In addition to the endless possibilities when styling your cushions, remember to do what you love and enjoy getting creative!