Most Loved Vintage Hires #1

When it comes to choosing favourite furniture items from our collection the list is now long, however near the top of the list will always remain the vintage Ludlow Chair. For whatever reason a certain piece of furniture stands out, maybe it tells a tale or has a little oddity or imperfection about it that may distinguish it apart from another. Sometimes it may carry a touch of personal history or evoke a feeling having been part of a very memorable event or at a wedding.

We always look through the same lens when we are sourcing new items and ask ourselves is this something we would want in our own home or at our own event? Does this reflect our values? We try to imagine whether it will add something unique and bring a sense of timeless quality and style. Living in a world where so much is temporary or disposable, we are forever conscious of our choices both personally and as a business. Virginias Vintage Hire is a happier place to be because we are celebrating what has been passed down through time, collecting antiques, re-using vintage and the re-cycled and adding personality and enjoyment to people’s stories every time we work at an event.

When we began VVH seven years ago we bought a large batch of chairs. Not because we had a business idea in mind but to furnish our own wedding. These chairs were the Ludlows, and are now one of the most cherished items in the collection.

What makes them special? Well for starters they’re old, original vintage around 1950′ s  so that makes them not only look good, they feel good too, ingrained with stories from over the years most likely of the local village hall or old school room, and tales of community gatherings, wedding parties, village fetes and so on. Then there is the practical side to them, they are just so easy; easy to store, to fold away, to carry and to transport. But most of all they’re just so cheerful to have around! Bright, colourful and interesting they are simply attractive to the eye. Set up in long rows for dining or ceremony they can easily be the highlight of the party setting.

In their most recent outing they travelled to Paris for a brand event with fashion designer Mira Mikati. These beautiful vintage wooden folding chairs with chipped and faded paint are as popular as ever and are loved by brands and fashion houses. They are a consistent favourite for photo shoots, at weddings and festivals.