Three Things I would Do if I Were Planning My Own Wedding Again

Three Things I would Do if I Were Planning My Own Wedding Again

I spent way too much time thinking about the reception, table settings, food and drinks, who would sit with who but without the ceremony, there is no reception! The ceremony is one of…

How to Style Cushions Like a Pro

How to Style Cushions Like a Pro

When we are helping clients to build their perfect lounge packages, once all the major furniture items have been chosen, one of the last details we discuss are cushions. How many? What colours?…

A Glimpse into 2024

In September myself (Ginny), Greg and Nicky took a trip to visit Maison & Object in Paris to look at interior and décor trends and inspirations for 2024. Here in vast halls of the Villepinte…

The Bar, Bar Hire

The Bar

When it comes to choosing a bar style for weddings, there are several options to consider, depending on the preferences of the couple and the overall style of the wedding. Here are some…

Key Wedding Trends for 2023

Key Wedding Trends for 2023

Increasing concerns over climate change has propelled the demand for good-for-the-planet products and services. Modern couples are becoming more conscious of the resources they…

Décor Trends for 2022. Timeless Design & Natural Materials

Décor Trends for 2022. Timeless Design & Natural Materials

This is the time of year we like to start setting some goals and targets for the year ahead. As the winter begins, we start to think about having a clear out in the warehouses, thinking about what stock we…

Elopement Inspiration

Elopement Inspiration from the Cornish Coast

Since COVID has had an effect on weddings, now is the time to rethink the traditional wedding format and focus on a a smaller, more intimate celebration shared with only a handful of your nearest…

Vintage Trestle Tables for Hire

Most Loved Hires #2

Our Gigantes trestle tables, have proved perfect for less formal dining occasions, allowing for large platters of food to be shared at the table and for opulent use of florals and centrepieces.

Glatonbury Festival Pop Up Hotel Furniture Hire

Glastonbury Festival 

June is always incredibly busy for us, weddings, garden parties and at this particular time each year we are fully absorbed with Glastonbury Festival preparations.

Wedding and Events 2020


I was reading an article in BRIDES magazine about wedding trends to keep and ditch in 2020 but I have come to thinking – hey, lets just ditch 2020, never mind the trends!